Q: What are the most popular civil helicopters?

A: In the top ten of worlds most popular helicopters there is Bell with four different models, Airbus with two models, Agusta Westland with two models (also model 109 which we use), russians Mi-8 and MD 500.

The Robinson R44 has been the world’s best-selling civil aviation helicopter every year since 1999. It is the most-produced civil aviation aircraft of the 21st century, with 5,805 deliveries from 2000–2017.

Q: What is the most popular private jet?

A: There are hundreds different types of private jets. From propeller aircrafts, small and large executive jets to VIP airliners. In total over 7,000 aircrafts globally.

The world’s best-selling jet is the 8 seater Cessna Citation XLS. The fastest is the Citation X+, closely followed by the Gulfstream G650, and Bombardier’s Global and Learjet family. The Citation Mustang is the most popular very light jet or ‘air taxi’. For the supersize jets, the Boeing Business Jet, which is a converted 737 has only 20 seats, bathrooms and sometimes even a fish tank!